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Project Talk!

Driving Results with Project Management Solutions. 

Project Management Institute® (PMI) and Register Education Provider (R.E.P) are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. 

The Live Web-Radio Show
from PM Providers!
We had a great run of 34 shows but have decided to move on to other formats and options.  We appreciate MPUG Global and the Fans for allowing us to provide great content and experiment with new formats of delivery.   Let us know if you would like to hear about other content that PM Providers is providing:
PT-Simple-1.pngProject Talk was an interactive ‘web-radio show’ on the MPUG Web-Radio Network! With real-time demonstrations of common project management and scheduling issues and how to address them using Microsoft Project and other tools,  Project Talk explores a new and different topic every month!  If you’d like to participate in the show, ask a question or offer a comment, just raise your hand and join the conversation!  Just like talk-radio!  Anyone who participates live on the show will receive a stylish MPUG T-Shirt or other great prize!
Hosted by PM Providers', the Project Talk Guys alway's have valuable insights to share! 
'Matt Davis and John Riopel are the Penn & Teller of Project Management!' 
- Scott Beebe, President - Fishman Corp /PM Providers Client
Project Talk is a production of MPUG and PM Providers.
 "Project Talk is great! The guys are entertaining and I love the way they get into the “nuts and bolts” of the tool.  I always find their presentations helpful!
Keep Project Talk going
- Great job!"
"These guys are fun AND educational!"
"Exceeded my expectations!"